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August 18, 2016

Charms: How It All Started

The use of charms dates back thousands of years ago. Charms were used to ward off enemies, or as a status symbol among pre-historic man. It was crafted by using unique looking stones, or from bones of animal remains.

There are several periods in our historical timeline where charms was widely used. In Ancient Egypt, charms were used in the society as a repellant for evil, and as symbolization of various objects. Having strong beliefs in charms, they were also used to enhance fertility, and ensured prosperity. They buried their dead with charms, believing that it will prepare the dead for the afterlife, and will serve as a protection while staying in heaven. The belief in charms were carried on by the Roman Civilization, the soldiers believed that charms will give them good luck in their battles.

Charms was widely used by knights and priests, and served as identifications in order to be granted access in their secret societies. They were hidden in the clothes, and were only show to be identified by their fellow members. These charms were carefully designed to serve as keys for their secret passages, besides being used as identification. Families of the upper society had unique charm designs as a representation of their status in the society. However, the use of charms drastically declined during Renaissance period, as they were labeled as being primitive.

Many people during the Renaissance period started to think that charms were merely superstitious belief, due to the widespread distribution and mass-production of books. However, there were many people in lower societies that continued their belief in using charms. These times was considered as the “Dark Age of Charms”, but regained popularity in the early 20th Century, when Queen Victoria wore a charm bracelet wherever she went, it contained her family’s picture and a lock of hair from her husband.

This changed the perspective of many. It became a part of women’s accessories. It changed from a superstitious object to a piece of jewelry. Charms regained its popularity and found its way in the market where it was sold as jewelry. It’s popularity kept on until today, as charms have a big influence in modern fashion and our daily lives.

You will be able to find various designs of charms in the market, that range from zodiac signs to ancient symbols. Today, charms are used as gift to be given to people during their important events, such as weddings and wedding anniversary, birthdays, and many more.

Charms will have always a strong influence in our society, that surprisingly enough has a long history since pre-historic times.

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